We fix computer issues related to
Keyboards, Trackpads, Logic Board, Screen, Battery, Thunderbolt and Touch Bar .
Hard Drive Upgrades and Installations, Graphic Card, GPU, and Memory upgrades.
Liquid Damage, Power On or startup problems, Short Circuits, Micro Soldering, and OS Installations and Configurations.

Computer Maintenance

Subscription for computer maintenance and service

  • Laptop Maintenance & Repair
  • Desktop Computer Maintenance & Repair
  • All-In-One Maintenance & Repair
  • iMac & MacBook Maintenance & Repair

Types of Server Maintenance.
Business offices need a corporate server to collect and send information across their network. A business network needs an adequate number of computer storage devices to keep things running. Since the server plays a significant part in most business operations, maintaining it should be done regularly to prevent any unplanned disruptions.

Routine Server Maintenance Scheduled

Subscription for server maintenance and service

  • Windows Server Server Maintenance Services
  • Linux Ubuntu Server Server Maintenance Services